So I have decided to start a blog about my daily life and how I am struggling with a whole range of things. So first thing first a little intro about me.

My name is Kascha I am 25yo. I have 4 beautiful children 3 boys and 1 little princess, they are my whole world even though they drive me nuts like literally nuts. I am engaged to a wonderful guy though I don't why lol as I most probably drive him mad, but I say the same about him. 

I am currently a stay at home mum which is a big adjustment for me as I am used to working after the kids are 6 months old, I will be hopefully studying to be a enrolled nurse next year as I tried doing uni online but we didn't agree with each other.

i hope you find my blogs interesting, funny and somewhat relatable.

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  1. serenitytx

    Welcome to Thoughts Kascha.

    June 30, 2016